History of the Ghostriders
 (1949 - Present)

The Ghostriders were formed back in 1949 after the Ghost Riders in the Sky became a hit song on the charts.  The original Ghostriders were friends and neighbors of Stan Jones who wrote the song in 1948.  All cowboys and ranchers from the Death Valley area who loved to ride their horses and spend time together with their friends more than anything, they soon over time all purchased an "iron horse" and began their new adventures on the road.   Both Harley-Davidsons and Indians were the love of this group of cowboys, a vast difference from the wild Mustangs most of them broke themselves.  But the Mustang spirit lived in all of them as they rode their "iron horses".    This initial group of 6 riders grew over the years to 12 and stayed that way until 1968 when a 13th rider was invited to join the Ghostriders  and it was decided not to grow past Lucky 13.    Only 3 of the original Ghostriders are with us today in 2008.  The membership still remains at 13 with the sons, relatives and now friends of the Ghostriders are allowed to join.  The Ghostriders deny all claims to the club being a secret and private organization although membership is by invitation only usually extended only to the relatives and very close friends of current members.  

The Ghostriders continue their tradition of cross country rides annually, Sturgis rides bi-annually, and attends multiple fundraising events throughout the southwest. 
We enjoy riding in parades on either our horses or our bikes.

We have no officers, no dues, no by-laws.  Everything we do we as a club we vote on.

We ride in memory of our friend, Stan Jones (1914-1963) who gave us the idea to form the Ghostriders, and in memory of our fallen brothers who are now literally the real Ghostriders in the Sky.
May their souls ride forever in peace.